Sweet Cider

Sweet Cider is made when apples are ground, pressed and filtered. Cider's natural sweetness and deep apple flavor set it apart from apple juice.

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Hard Cider

Hard Cider is a traditional apple drink and one of the earliest beverages of the American colonies. Hard ciders range in alcohol content from about 4% to as much as 16% alcohol by volume (ABV).

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Ice Cider

Ice Cider is a relatively new dessert wine product made from frozen apples or frozen cider that is fermented to between 7% and 13% ABV. You can find more information on Vermont ice cider producers at vermonticecider.com

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Distilled Apple Spirits

Within the last 25 years, Vermont distillers have rediscovered the qualities that apples lend to many distinctive beverages. Apple brandy, eau-de-vie and completely new beverages are now being created by Vermont distillers.

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